The Traveler's Wine Network

The Traveler's Wine Network, a subsidiary of Garland Wines, partners with wineries from the major wine producing regions of the world to facilitate the purchase of wine by U.S. customers while traveling abroad.

Domaine de Marie, Château des Hospitaliers or Château Moncontour, wineries based in France, provides you with an unforgettable wine experience while on a visit to their winery which can now be relived & "re-tasted" upon your return home.

Domaine de Marie, Château Moncontour and Château des Hospitaliers provide you the opportunity to purchase their exceptional wines through a unique relationship with The Traveler's Wine Network. Simply place your order while visiting the winery or on The Traveler's Wine Network website to be delivered via UPS directly to your doorstep!

Imagine sharing your favorite wines from Château des Hospitaliers, Château Moncontour or Domaine de Marie with family and friends back home!